The advantages of the Bracket Fixing System for Photovoltaic Panels

Nexus bracket fixing systems allow better ventilation between the photovoltaic panel and the support surface, this is possible thanks to its particular shape that creates an empty space of about 4cm favoring the cooling of the plant increasing the efficien cy over the years and avoiding a greater number of expensive maintenance.

The support bracket made of plastic Duretan BKV 30H has been patented being particularly innovative and revolutionizing the installation of photovoltaic panels in different angles and on all surfaces, not always convenient to reach and especially never use d, thus making possible the constant achievement of sunlight in all situations.

At Nexus we are also very attentive to design, the system based on the bracket allows architects to be able to elegantly implement our product in the overall aesthetic of the project, thus promoting functionality without giv ing up on style.

The mounting of the bracket is absolutely simple and fast, match ing today’s working standards, with a few gestures it is fixed to the surface and photovoltaic modules in absolute safety without sacrificing a light profile and more comfortable to hoist. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to lift the aluminium profil es on the roofs and cut the frames increasing the work pace.