NEXUS s.r.l. is a company that has many years of experience in the molding of plastics for third parties. Founded in 2006 thanks to the synergy between experts in the field who worked for years in the field of molding, design and construction of molds for plastics, is located in a building of 7,000 m2 in the industrial area of Polverigi (AN) and has adequate space for future extensions.

Today it has 16 injection moulding machines of the latest generation (8 hydraulic Negribossi and 8 electric Toyo) from 150 to 1500 tons constantly in operation 24h on 24h for 7 days a week. The company, thanks to the know how of those who work there, is able to print any type of technopolymer, providing a type of application sectors to 360.


NEXUS is able to control the production process by applying strict verification criteria. The use of sophisticated measuring instruments for temperature and pressure monitoring in the moulding phase and software for the detection of process data and analys is on raw materials (moldflow of the plastics used) guarantee minimum waste during the moulding phase.

In this way NEXUS can assure its customers maximum satisfaction and quality. Every single piece printed by NEXUS is subjected to a careful quality control according to "Control Plans" assigned, all to further guarantee for the final customer that the produ ct delivered is free of defects.

The company is ISO 9001 certified.


NEXUS is at the forefront of technological innovation in order to always be competitive both in terms of quality and offered prices.

The company is able to take advantage of modern moulding technologies even using different plastic materials simultaneously.

Thanks to multi material molding, it is possible to choose the combination of more materials and more colors that best suit the product to be manufactured.


It has been designing and manufacturing highly effective equipment for about 20 years with concrete results in terms of cost savings, cycle times and that allow our customers to significantly increase the performance of the molding.

Engineering company specialized in the eco design of innovative ideas, evaluated through business plans and brought to the market in a competitive way thanks to a streamlined and efficient organizational structure.