Fastening Systems for Fotovoltaic Panels

Innovative patented system for the positioning and fixing of photovoltaic panels with metal frame on any surface and with any inclination.
Our products allow fixing to:

  • Corrugated sheets sandwich panels (that is the typical roofing of industrial halls). The brackets A B C fit 6 different profiles of Greek, while the bracket D, bracket E and our Profile are Universal, as they are fixed on the top of the Greek so they are adaptable to any step
  • Roofs with tiles (that is, the typical civil roofs) both on a latero cement surface and on wooden planks;
  1. Use the maximum possible surface area, positioning the panels with different inclinations, following the profile of the support surface.
  2. It achieves the maximum yield from the system, minimizing the heating of the panels.
  3. It is universal and versatile, as it can be used with almost all sandwich panels on the market, on corrugated metal roofs, tiled roofs and wooden or concrete roofing.
  4. Allows quick and easy assembly, with lightweight components and easy to transport.
  5. It allows to obtain aesthetically and architecturally elegant and futuristic solutions.
  6. It is ideal for fixing panels on corrugated sheets, replacing ethernit roofs, maximizing the relative incentives.
  7. It is made with environmentally friendly material, selected to ensure the maximum durability of the plant components.
  8. More economical than steel systems