The idea of this grating for overflow swimming pools and spas was born to offer our customers not only a design product, but also safe and respectful of the strictest European regulations in terms of protection in sports facilities. TWIN is the only bi material grid: base in polypropylene and contact surface in thermoplastic elastomer. Thanks to the continuous studies and research of our R&D department, the grids have obtained the DIN 51097 and EN 13451-1 certification, achieving the highest results on all the tests carried out. Our company also carried out additional tests to give further quality assurance. TWIN is not only a guarantee of non slip safety but is also pleasant to the touch, aesthetically attractive and customizable.

The pleasantness is assured by the thermoplastic elastomer, completely smooth and pleasant surface to the passage of the barefoot , in every test has been subjected. The total absence of projections and moving parts, as well as the impossibility to produce splinters, guarantees a unique finish. Our product, thanks to its elegant aesthetics and the absolute safe materials can be used not only for private pools but also in spas and spas, water parks, public pools, changing rooms, spas, saunas.

Since 2010 the TWIN range has been enriched with the birth of TWIN TEAK, the only grid in the world made of bi plastic + teak, a coupling of materials that.

Enjoy the pleasure of quality and share with us a 17 year old market presence in 25 countries.


The SCACCO model, available in the flexible version, rigid and reinforced with stainless steel bars for the 90° angles, is available in the widths 150, 200, 250 and 350 mm for each of which are provided 4 heights 20, 25, 30, 35 mm. Non standard measurements can be made on request, working with precision cuts on the measurements already in the catalogue.

The length of the grid is always 500 mm (21 elements already assembled) and the materials used are polypropylene (PP) for the base and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for the contact surface. The curved version allows you to follow any tank profile, specific ally the SCACCO model has as its minimum radius of curvature: • 33 cm for the model 150 • 40 cm for the model 200 and 45 cm for the model 250.

The standard colors are neutral (PP)/blue (TPE) and white (PP)/ white (TPE), but on request, to meet aesthetic and furnishing needs, the grids are customizable with all the colors of imagination. The colors can be the same for both PP and TPE materials, yo u can then create a single color grid, or they can be different, and then create a bi color grid, so you get each time a unique grid. You can characterize each grid element in non slip TPE with your embossed logo


The grid system for the infinity edge swimming pool TWIN is the absolute novelty in the field of water drainage pools. This time it is wood, in its most noble and resistant essence, TEAK, which takes the place of thermoplastic elastomer and joins polypropy lene in an elegant and innovative fusion that gives a touch of pleasant comfort.

This new solution makes Twin even more elegant and "natural".

The TWIN teak+polypropylene grille is available in the Straight, Curved and Reinforced versions for 90º corners.

The system is available in four different widths (150, 200, 250, 300 mm) each of which has four heights (20, 25, 30, 35 mm)