TWIN TEAK ( plastic + teak)

The TWIN grating system for swimming pools with a spill-over edge is the latest innovation in water drainage systems. It ensures unbeatable grip on all slippery surfaces thanks to an innovative combination of materials: polypropylene (PP) and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

You can move with no fear of slipping around the edge of the swimming pool.

Its unique technical, performance and aesthetic characteristics make the TWIN gratings stand out, as is shown by the many awards it has received:


In the picture: Mono Twin

Three different models!

The wide range of TWIN gratings includes the “ONDA” (FlexibleRigidReinforced), “SCACCO” (FlexibleRigidReinforced) and the new model “ESSE” (FlexibleRigidReinforced), available in “rigid”, “flexible” and “reiforced” versions.
The flexible version makes it possible to follow any pool profile thanks to flexible elements that permit a minimum curvature radius between 25 cm for the model with 140 width and 45 cm for the models with 300,330,350 widths. All “rigidTWIN gratings (length 150, 200 and 250mm and height 20 mm) can be combined and mounted to drainage channels model Vip20 (blue color).



The TWIN system can be used in private as well as in public swimming pools. The TWIN grating (“rigid” version) can be actually used in all swimming facilities open to the public for both amusement and competitive sports, as they comply with Standard EN 13451-1 “Swimming Pool Equipment – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods”.
The compliance with Standard EN 13451-1 ensures that the technical specifications of the Italian Swimming Federation (i.e. FINA regulations) are met according to the type and level of activities to be carried out in the swimming facilities as specified in the CONI (Italian Olympic Games Committee) regulations on sports facilities.


In the picture: TWIN Bi-Component


The TWIN grating can also be easily used in all installations where it is necessary to ensure maximum anti-slip resistance and good color matching in order to make the areas safer, more functional and pleasant such as:

  • Changing Room
  • Saune
  • Water Park
  • Thermal Bath
  • Whirlpool Bath

In the picture: Twin Teak

Discover all the TWIN range: MONO TWIN; economical and multi tasking grating made in pp, TWIN bi component grating ( plastic + rubber), the safeties grating on the market , TWIN TEAK, the luxury line  made with real teak and plastic on the base and the new MARBLE TWIN line, the grating composed by real marble or real ceramic with a base of plastic.




All “rigid” TWIN gratings (length 150, 200 and 250mm and height 20 mm) can be combined and mounted to blue  drainage channels model Vip20 .

The  channels are supplied in 1000mm-long modules; they are lightweight, handy, easy to carry and cheap to install.

Vip20 channels are made from PE-HD (high-density polypropylene). They are resistant to shocks, sudden temperature changes (range of use -50°C to +100°C) and the ordinary chemicals used in environments such as swimming pool, sauna, changing room and thermal bath. The smooth waterproof surface of the channel lets the water flow quickly and is easy to clean, thus preventing the formation of putrescible residues. The PE-HD also prevents any emission of harmful substances which can come into contact with man.

The “Vip20  blue channel”  it has neither holes nor openings connect it to the outside. The coupling system between adjoining channels needs heat welding with weld material for water tightness.Special pieces for 90° corners are available too.

The rigid PVC L-SECTIONS (polyvinyl chloride) are for the TWIN grating a clean, smooth and suitably sized housing to use for concrete channel. Shock-proff and resistant to the chemical agents of swimming pool water. Special uv proff additives are used.


To assess compliance with the “safety requirements” specified in Chapter 4 and relevant Appendixes of EN 13451-1 “Swimming Pool Equipment – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods” the following tests were performed:

  • Physical tests on structural integrity according to Appendix C of EN 13451-1.
  • Methods to test finger entrapment according to Appendix D of Standard EN 13451-1.
  • Tests on resistance to slipping according to Appendix E of EN 13451-1.

As a further guarantee and to assure the final customer of an excellent performance of the product from all points of view, other tests were performed in view of “indirect” requirements.
We created in the laboratory the most unfavorable condition of use for the product in order to assess its behavior and determine if such limit condition was able to affect the performance of the gratings. We consequently performed the following tests:

  • Salt spray fog test according to European Standard UNI ISO 9227/93.
  • Resistance to UV rays according to American Standard ASTM G 53/883.
  • Thermal stress according to NEXUS ’s specifications.
  • Bending test according to NEXUS’s specifications.
  • Dimensional check before and after the thermal cycles.

All the test reports are available under request.

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