Our key products

Nexus is synonymous with ability, professionalism and experience. Our mission is The production of plastic products and thanks to the performance  equipment and outstanding competence, we can  guarantee a good service on every detail. Nexus target is composed by costumers  engaged in various business sectors, first of all the building, and auto motive. It mean a constant professional growth.

Thanks to the  experiences with builders and designers, Nexus produce  highly technological and innovative plastic articles. Nexus also provides the service of assembly of the molded products and on   demand it can  makes a study of custom packaging. Nexus  can also organize the  shipments of products via courier .

Quality and final control

NEXUS is able to keep under control the production process by applying rigid criteria. Thanks to The use of sophisticated measuring instruments for monitoring temperatures and pressures during molding and software for data collection process and analysis on the raw materials (melt flow of plastic materials used), we can ensure  the minimal deviation during the  molding.

In this way, NEXUS can assure to its customers the utmost satisfaction and quality. Each piece printed by NEXUS is subjected to careful quality control according to “control plans” assigned. Thanks to this system of control the end costumer can be sure that the supplied products are free of defects.

The “Gas” injection

The molding technology with gas, is made possible by specialized Nexus Technical .

All  the presses are equipped with facilities for assisted molding by “gas”. Thanks to this technology, the products, emptied with this modern technology, are more precise, compact, lightweight and economical.