Plastic Support bracket to anchor the photovoltaic panels

solarfixInnovative patented system for positioning and fixing photovoltaic panels equipped with metallic frames on any surface and at any angle.

The system is based on the use of brackets, complete with relative accessories (screws, washers and plates). To satisfy various installation needs, models with two different profiles are available, each of which is available with stainless steel or plastic plates.

Panel anchorage requires a certain number of intermediate brackets (to be inserted between adjacent panels) and end brackets (to be inserted at the edges of the string), depending on the number of panels to be installed. The only difference between intermediate brackets and end brackets is the anchorage plate which, for end brackets, will obviously be L shaped since there is no adjacent panel.


Technical features

  • Material: Duretan BKV 30H
  • Estimated minimum duration: 20 years with exposure to the UVA component of sunlight
  • Mechanical properties verified by the European Quality Institute in Fabriano (AN)
  • Resistance to rain, wind, and UV rays verified by the European Quality Institute in Fabriano
  • Maximum recommended tightening torque: 10 Nm


Nylon profile

- This is the unique profile in the world made in plastic material: nylon with fiber glass
- Is patended and certificate product
- Exceptional mechanical and structural strenght





Example of installation on a flat roof, made with our tilting

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Many advantages and saving of 30%



1. With the maximum exploitation of the surface, positioning the panels at different slopes, following the shape of the surface on which they rest.


2. Obtain the maximum output from the system, reducing heating of the panels to the minimum.

3. Universal and versatile, suitable for almost all sandwich panels on the market, on corrugated metal roofs, tiled, or wooden or cement roofs.


4.  Simplicity and lightness. Allows simple and fast installation, with lightweight, easy to handle components.

5. For aesthetically and architecturally elegant and modern solutions.


6. Perfect for attaching panels to corrugated metal roofs, when replacing Ethernit roofs.


7. Made of eco-friendly materials, chosen to ensure maximum duration of system components.


8. Costing about 30% less, for the same power installed, than traditional systems using aluminium profiles.


Conservation of the mechanical properties

In regards to the plastic’s conservation of its mechanical properties despite exposure to sunlight and therefore the UVA component, special tests were carried out by the European Quality Institute in Fabriano (AN), under the inspection control of TÜV Rheinland Italia. The tests show that the mechanical resistance of the Cabur Solar Fix brackets remains practically constant over time, even after prolonged exposure to UVA rays.

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