NEXUS s.r.l. has been founded in 2006 as an imprinting company of plastic materials on behalf of a third party.
We are the result of the synergy amongst specialists of our field, who have been working in the imprinting, design and construction of moulds for plastic materials for many years.

The headquarter is located in a new building in the industrial area of Polverigi. There are available 6 injection molding machines of medium and high tonnage ( 150,270,680,850,1000 and 1500 ton), working 24h, 7 days per week.

Furthermore, thanks to the know-how of its workers, our company is able to imprint every type of techno-polymer,
Providing a wide range of solutions for every kind of request.

Our Production Philosophy

  1. Strict selection of the raw materials.
  2. Deep attention for details.
  3. Continuous reasearch of innovative solutions.

Our quality

Main processes, Technologies, Equipment
The main production processes of the company are:

  • Mold construction:

The realization of the molds is carried out by a network of experienced and proven partner companies constantly supervised by Nexus

  • Testing molds:

The company is able to test the molds with satellite injection unit, rotary tables, bi-material solutions / bi-component technology and the use of gas.

  • Molding products and components:

The molding department is constituted by 5 horizontal presses, with thrust range between 150 and 1,500 tons.
They are machines of the latest generation, microprocessor-assisted and automated by robots from three motorized axes. All presses can use the technology of injection of gas (gas-assisted injection molding and molding with MICROCELL technology) and you can realize products with bi-material solutions and / or bi-color.
The machinery allows the molding of articles with weights between 0.5 and 7.000 gr.

  • Assembly:

Nexus has an dedicated area to welding and automatic assembly of product ( small, medium and large sizes) like tractors and industrial machines.
After the molding process, therefore, some details can be welded and / or assembled to obtain the product required by the final customer.
This is done in a specific business area with appropriate stations and equipment.
All the processes are performed with the aid of equipment, specific machines and technologies, used by skilled and specially trained people . Thanks to The use of sophisticated measuring instruments for monitoring temperatures and pressures during molding and software for data collection process and analysis on the raw materials (melt flow of plastic materials used), we can ensure the minimal deviation in phase of molding.
To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of use, All existing equipment and machinery, are subject to a regular maintenance schedule.
There is a check and test of all the products before the delivery to the costumers.


La NEXUS s.r.l. is a certified company: ISO 9001:2008