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It is a  great pleasure for us to  announce the creation of a new measure for the grating  in wood:  300 width , 20-25-30-35 height and always available in rigid version and flexible one  for the free-form pools. Visit our website


How green there is around you?

It takes more and more field awareness of the great potential of the green areas around the environment in which we live. According to recent studies live in an environment full of nature extends the life as well as improve the quality of our daily lives. How green there is  around you? We think the […]


Sundy: Sun is light

Sun is light, and light, as defined by some professors, is a “super nutrient“. Create healthy spaces even in the underground areas is essential to the welfare of the people. Thanks to the window well SUNDY  in  case of private homes can create habitable and  exploitable rooms because you will be  never in the dark.


Elegance and Exclusivity of the Teak

When elegance and exclusivity of the teak combine the functionality and modularity of the system TWIN, like TWIN Teak, the only grating  in the market made of genuine teak in the upper part and in PP in the base, with an injection procedure, which guarantees stability and greater durability. Thanks to our system, it is also […]



Do not let water, wind, salt spray corrode your facilities, forcing you to difficult and costly maintenance of your PV system. The SOLAR FIX system  entirely made of plastic (nylon and fiberglass), will ensure, unmatched mechanical strength and weather resistance. SOLAR FIX is the best ally of your systems, built to resist  per  years and […]


How to optimize the space available in the house?

Taking advantage of the underground floor! Thanks to the Nexus Window Wells,  you can bring light and air in undeground local, so you can transform a basement in a real enjoyable and livable room.


PRATO: The ideal solution

The ideal solution to improve the enviroment where we live. Create green spaces but carriageable . You can combine the practicality of a parking with the beauty and health of a gree area.

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The specialists of the Swimming Pool grating for overflow Swimming Pool

Nexus s.r.l. … the specialists of the swimming pool grating for overflow swimming pool … Gratings for all types of budgets and needs MONO TWIN The grating made with first quality PP, the cheapest in the market (even 5 € per meter). Customizable for color and design.   TWIN Bi component plastic + rubber. The […]


SOLAR FIX: Fix System for Photovoltaic Panels

To anchor the photovoltaic modules on any kind of surface (flat roof, roof tile, sandwich panel, corrugated sheet, etc.). Anchors in plastic (fiber glass  reinforced with nylon 30%), light and easy to handle on site, unbeatable  in the duration (and resistance to UV rays and salt spray), capable of not burdening the underlying structure of […]

New web site is on-line

As part of a growing trend ( both in the quality of our services and content of our communication) we have developed the new website compatible with the latest standard of web 2.0, perfectly viewable on all the latest platforms, both desktop and mobile, connected to our new social profiles. All this is to continuously […]

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